Mata Gallery


Mata Gallery is an artist-owned, curated venue promoting professional Saskatchewan artists; and also features fine studio jewelry from Canadian artists.

Mata Gallery is dedicated to relevant, passionate, thoughtful visual art as well as innovative use of materials and techniques. Our roster of artists work in concept-based and / or materials-based methods of creating - in a contemporary context.


The Gallery is a member of the Saskatchewan Professional Art Galleries Association: SASKGALLERIES.CA

We also showcase jewellery artists who work with sterling silver, gold, titanium, precious and semi-precious gemstones, etc., as well as varied techniques, to create wearable, sculptural pieces.

Commissions are welcomed by several of our jewelry artists - we are pleased to assist in the design process for custom jewelry.


* Mata means 'eye' in Malayo-Polynesian languages.  Mata in Japanese means 'again' or 'moreover.'